This is a note to self

Tunnel in (to use Rstudio)

  1. First, open up the command line
    • On mac this is just the terminal program.
    • On windows, use conemu and start the git bash.
      • Or use the terminal on MobaXterm (as I do from Princeton)
  2. Run the following command ssh -f -N -L 8787:localhost:8787 -p 22
    • the -f means to run in the background
    • no idea what the -N does or the -L
    • then give it the localport, localhost, and other port
    • but also requires -p 22 to tell the NBER server we want to connect on that port
    • and finally my username and the remote server
    • it will prompt for a password.
  3. RStudio is now availabe at http://localhost:8787/auth-sign-in


You need to kill the process.

  • On windows, just close the tab in conemu (I think).
  • On mac, ps aux | grep ssh will give you the jobs and then kill it from there with the kill command, giving the command the job number.

Bulk folder

Is located at: /disk/bulkw/feigen/