This is a note to self

Programs I’ve used RSelenium in

  • Scraping the slave census from FamilySearch
    • G:\Dropbox\Data\slavecensus1850\scrapeSlaveCensus.R
    • didn’t end up needing this because they gave me the data.
  • NRA scraper
    • did some click manipulation here I think
    • G:\Dropbox\Research\_Inactive Projects\Gunshocks\Data Prep\nraScraper.R
  • Collected maps from NYC
    • I have no memory of writing this…
    • G:\Dropbox\Research\colMobility\Data\cityMaps\nyc\geoCodeNYC.R
  • Pulling occupation strings from 1920 ancestry website
    • again, didn’t need this because this data is now at the NBER
    • G:\Dropbox\Research\colMobility\Data\ipumsLink19001920\old\ancestryScrape.R